Develop Wisconsin is a leading business resource.  Every year, we connect small Wisconsin-owned businesses to capital, expertise and the opportunities they need to take their business to the next level.

Our Services

Generate Competitive Business Solutions

Competitive businesses have business strategies that capture opportunities and generate significant revenue and income in the process.  Wisconsin Business Advisory Group provides value-added solutions for businesses seeking to grow and expand.  The Wisconsin Business Advisory Group specializes in delivering strategies that make businesses “investment ready.”  This includes producing financial statements that consistent income, equity growth and optimal debt structures. 

Business plan development

The Wisconsin Business Advisory Group (WBAG) has been delivering comprehensive business plans for over ten years.  Business Plans are required by some lenders and a business plan is required for SBA-backed loans.  Need assistance? Let’s get started.

business financial projections

The WBAG develops comprehensive business financial projections for businesses seeking capital in the form of loans or equity capital.  The SBA allows business financial projections to be used for some loan programs.  Need assistance? Let’s get started.

loan packaging assistance

The WBAG packages loans for borrowers, ensuring a higher chance of approval by lenders.  We finalize the details of your loan, reconfirm you’re pre-approval status and send you a formal loan package for your endorsement and approval.  Need assistance? Let’s get started.

Pre-investment Assistance

The WBAG provides assistance to businesses interested in attracting additional capital (debt or equity).    Assistance includes providing strategies to improve financial, operational or/and market performance indicators. Let’s get started.

sba business loans

The WBAG helps businesses navigate the process of securing SBA-backed financing.  The SBA offers several programs to support business expansion.  These programs require financial and tax information, a business plan and sound business strategy.  Need assistance with an SBA application? Vist the SBA Resource Center. Let’s get started!

SSBCI business financing

The WBAG provides assistance to businesses that may qualify for State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) financing.   SSBCI is a federal program that the State of Wisconsin manages.  SSBCI funds can be used as debt or equity by qualified organizations to support the financing “stack” that a business may utilize.  Visit the SSBCI Resource Center.  Let’s get started!

Veterans Business Development

The WBAG provides assistance to veteran-owned businesses seeking capital, applying for government contracts or seeking to grow in a particular market.  To visit the Veterans Business Center, click here

Real Estate Financing

The WBAG provides assistance for businesses seeking to develop properties for business expansion.  Assistance includes the development of a development plan, a business plan, financial projects and the identification of sources of financing.  Need assistance with with your real estate project? Let’s get started!

supplier diversity connect

The WBAG can assist in developing proposal details, including;  This understanding proposal requirements, preparing price and cost sections, negotiating the contract, reviewing drafts and final proposals, and providing support and feedback for oral presentations.  Need assistance? Let’s get started.

your Path to business success

Get the business assistance you need to take your business to the next level.

1.  Contact Us / Speak with a Business Specialist

Contact a Develop Wisconsin Business Specialist.   You can contact a specialist by clicking here.

2.  Assess Needs / Define Your Goals

A Business Specialist will discuss your what your business needs, identify specific goals and provide some feedback and guidance.   

3.  Identify Business Services 

The Business Specialist will identify what services your business needs and work with you to develop an Action Plan with a clear timeline.   

4.  Deliver Business Support

The Business Specialist will work with you to access resources and opportunities.  


Start the Process Today!

The Wisconsin Business Advisory Group helps you get the capital you need to grow your business.   Our knowledge of the application process can help guide you through the uncertainty of getting the capital you need.   The best part you can avoid the usual hoops or the run-a-around, and save significant time and money in the process.   Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will your services help me get financing?

A: Yes.  One of the primary objectives of providing business technical assistance to build the capacity of your firm to access capital.   This includes packaging loan applications, providing financial projections, and pre-qualifying you for a loan.   We make the process easier so that that you do not have to jump through an endless amount of hoops to get financing.

Q: Can I get a business loan after bankruptcy?

A:  A bankruptcy in your past doesn’t necessarily preclude you from getting a small business loan, but it might make it more challenging. While not all lenders have the same requirements after bankruptcy, it’s unlikely a customer would qualify within the first year. Many lenders will require at least one year of improving credit history following the disposition of a bankruptcy.

Q: Is a business plan necessary to get capital?

A: Well, it depends on the source of capital.  For short term loans or smaller lines of credit a business plan may not be necessary.   For larger loans, especially for SBA loans, a business plan is necessary.   Fortunately, we have Certified Business Consultants to ensure that your loan package is well prepared.

Q: What is a line of credit?

A: A line of credit is a revolving form of credit that provides a predetermined capital limit and can be accessed as needed. Unlike a traditional term loan, all or part of the line can be accessed at any time up to the predetermined limit. Interest is only paid upon the amount actually used.  If you need a line of credit, just let us know and we will provide the assistance needed.

Helping You Navigate the Loan Application process

For many businesses, navigating a loan application process can be a daunting exercise of confusion and frustration.   Consequently, at least a third of businesses that start a loan application discontinue the process because of frustration.

The Wisconsin Business Advisory Group takes the frustration out of the application process, saving you time and money in the process.   Whether an SBA-backed loan or a business expansion loan for the purchase of equipment or real estate, we have your back.

Seeking Qualified Business Consultants

The Wisconsin Business Advisory Group is seeking qualified business consultants to provide business advisory services to businesses seeking assistance.   If you are interested, please contact us by clicking the link below.